Les Voiles de Saint Barth 2024 Canceled: What happened?
les voiles de saint barth 2024


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Les Voiles de Saint Barth, an event that annually sets the Caribbean sailing calendar alight, will not unfold its sails in 2024. This announcement, made in December 2023, has rippled through our island community and beyond, marking a pause in a tradition that combines competition, luxury, and camaraderie in equal measure.

At SaintBarth.com, we share in the collective disappointment, especially as we miss the opportunity to showcase the event from the unique vantage points of Villa BelAmour and Villa Domingue in Pointe Milou. Amidst this, we find a silver lining as the St. Barths Bucket is set to go ahead from March 21-24, 2024, promising some solace to sailing enthusiasts.

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The Prestige of Les Voiles de Saint Barth

Les Voiles de Saint Barth is synonymous with luxury and sophistication, attracting a global community of sailors, celebrities, and VIPs to our shores. Created in 2010 by French sailors François Tolède and Luc Poupon, the event pays tribute to the island’s rich racing heritage, further popularized by the involvement of title sponsors like Richard Mille. Its unique spirit—a blend of competitive sailing and vibrant socializing—has significantly impacted both our local and the global sailing scenes.

voiles de saint barth 2024

The 2024 Cancellation: What Happened?

The path leading to the cancellation of Les Voiles de Saint Barth 2024 was fraught with unforeseen challenges, primarily the daunting task of finding a new title sponsor to replace Richard Mille. This luxury watchmaking brand had been a cornerstone of support, and their withdrawal left a significant void not easily filled.

Organizers François Tolède and Luc Poupon embarked on a tireless search, engaging in extensive negotiations with potential sponsors who could align with the event’s high standards of luxury and competition. However, the unique blend of exclusivity and prestige that defines Les Voiles de Saint Barth proved to be a high bar, one that, despite their best efforts, remained unmet.

The decision to cancel was not arrived at lightly. Recognizing the event’s significance to the sailing world and the local economy, the organizers explored every possible avenue to keep the 2024 edition afloat. They considered alternative funding models, adjustments to the event format, and even scaling down the festivities in hopes of maintaining the continuity of this beloved tradition.

Yet, the integrity of the event and its reputation for excellence ultimately guided their decision. This situation highlights not only the logistical and financial complexities inherent in hosting such a prestigious event but also the unwavering commitment of its stewards to uphold its esteemed legacy.

voiles saint barth 2024

Reactions from the Authorities and Community

The cancellation announcement reverberated through St. Barths, eliciting a wave of disappointment and concern from all sectors of the island. Xavier Lédée, the president of the Collectivité Territoriale de Saint-Barthélemy, expressed a profound sense of loss for the community, acknowledging the significant efforts made by the organizers to salvage the event.

Local businesses, many of which rely heavily on the influx of visitors and participants Les Voiles brings each April, voiced their concerns over the cancellation’s immediate and ripple effects on the island’s economy. Accommodation providers, restaurateurs, and service providers faced cancellations and a noticeable booking dip, highlighting the event’s significant economic footprint. Beyond the financial implications, the community mourned the loss of an event that brings together residents and visitors in a shared celebration of maritime heritage and competitive spirit. The collective disappointment underscores the deep emotional and cultural ties that bind Les Voiles de Saint Barth to the fabric of St. Barths, reflecting a universal hope for its triumphant return.

The Spectacle Missed: Views from Villa BelAmour and Villa Domingue

From the terraces of Villa BelAmour and Villa Domingue, the races of Les Voiles de Saint Barth offer a spectacle unlike any other. This year, the absence of sails on the horizon marks a missed opportunity to share this unique experience with our readers and visitors. The shared disappointment is palpable, as these views have become a cherished part of the event’s tradition for many.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Les Voiles de Saint Barth

Despite this year’s setback, the spirit of Les Voiles de Saint Barth remains undimmed. The organizers are already focused on 2025, with plans to bring back the event stronger and more vibrant. Potential changes and improvements are being considered to ensure the event’s sustainability and success, reflecting a commitment to the legacy and future of Les Voiles de Saint Barth.



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